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Content bridges the gap between brand and customer

Clear, inspiring, converting : content is the link between brand and target group. From web texts, videos and social media posts to gated content such as white papers and webinars: content determines your brand identity. Our multilingual content team provides advice, planning and execution of all content, both offline and online.

Draw up a content plan? Together we draw up a content and communication plan that works.

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Score in search engines

SEO (search engine optimization) is making content search engine friendly, so that it is at the top of the search results . We take care of SEO both in terms of content and technology and are happy to propose an additional SEA strategy to create extra reach.

Social media

Social media is a communication channel that should not be underestimated, even for B2B . To promote content, but also as a distribution channel. Our experts follow developments closely so that we can make optimal use of all the possibilities of each channel.

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Gated content

Gated content is content for which users must enter data in exchange . Think of an e-mail address in exchange for a whitepaper, infographics or exclusive events. We help create valuable content that provides useful data, then deliver results with effective marketing automation.

Voice SEO

The number of voice searches is increasing along with the popularity of devices like Google Home and Apple HomePod. We optimize content so that it also comes to the top of results for voice searches.

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Forward-looking content planning

Content belongs in a well thought-out strategy , with tight planning. Only in this way can a brand respond to the needs of the target group at the right time . Our strategists test whether the brand vision matches that of the target group.

Strategically and executively strong

Our substantive knowledge of the platforms ensures solid strategies, but we also have all the executive expertise in house to put the action to the word. From powerful copywriting to image formatting to video and animation : we can also carry out any idea.

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Want to make a difference with great content? We help you!

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